The County is going paperless as we have been previously notified. Here is information on how to get all of your needed info.
Employees have a new resource to manage their employee payroll and benefits information
online, through the Employee Self-Service Portal.
Please find important information below about the new  portal site, its features, and how to activate your account to log in to use the
Employee  Self-Service (ESS) is a web-based system that offers a single, secure source for
the County employees to view their personnel and payroll information from home
or office, and from any computer with an internet connection and internet
Employee  Self-Service functions available to employees:
·         View and reprint paystubs – Employees can view current pay rate,
earnings and deductions. Additionally, bi-weekly paystubs from September 1,
2014, to present are accessible for view/reprint.
This is where you will obtain
your paystubs after the cutover to paperless
·         View auto deposit  instructions
·         View personal information – Including mailing address, telephone
number and emergency contact(s)
·         View and reprint W-2 tax  forms
·         View benefits information – Employees will be redirected to the
County’s Risk Management website which provides information regarding current
medical elections and benefit enrollment change  forms
·         View accrual balance information for sick, vacation,
personal and float times
– This function is currently not available to employees
from the Sheriff’s Office, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Treasurer, State’s
Attorney, and Assessors Office.  They will be notified by their respective
administrative staff as and when the function is made
Enrollment Instructions
To use the  new Employee Self Service portal, you are first required to complete the account
activation process:
Visit ESS User
Activation Site

Click the link below or type the URL below into your
web browser to access the ESS User Activation site.

This is a
one-time use  site, used only for
activating your account in the system.
Employee  Self-Service User Activation Site:   (Note: URL is case
Enter your User Name
and Activation Code

Enter your account  information:
Username:  Your Employee Number (this number can be found on your pay stub or your
:  Your
, followed by
of your
social security number (no spaces).

Note: Be sure to click the Activate button on the left, not the Cancel
button on the right.
3)  Set Your Personal  Security Settings
Next, choose a
secure password and responses to personal security  questions to
complete your site enrollment and account activation.

Note: Keep in mind the following
password selection rules:
characters, 1 letter, and 1 symbol.

cookcounty, test, password, name, username, or other common words
Log into ESS  Site
Once you  have activated your account, you will be redirected to the
ESS Login page.
Note: This is the URL that you will now use to access
the Employee Self-Service site.
                  Employee Self- Service Login:
Getting Help with the ESS  Site
If you  cannot activate your account, please call the Service Desk, at the number below, and
have your activation information ready for the support  technician.
If you need  any other assistance with accessing the Employee Self-Service site, enrolling or
logging in, please contact:
Cook County Service Desk
312-603-1390 (option 1)