This is the website for the Adult Probation and Pre-Trial Officers of Cook County.  This website was created to keep our members informed of union events and news,  to get our message out to all of our members quickly and accurately.


In 1985 when AFSCME Council 31 began organizing the Cook County Circuit Court Clerks Office, a group of broadminded individuals approached them about beginning to organize the Adult Probation Department also.

After months of behind-the-scenes organizing to represent the Adult Probation Officers, the Labor Board called for an election which was held in summer of 1987. The candidates were: AFSCME, Teamsters or None. AFSCME won the election and filed a petition with the Illinois Labor Board to represent the Cook County Adult Probation Officers.

The county filed a grievance with the labor board over who was the employer of Cook  County Adult Probation. Hearings were held by the labor board to determine who ultimately was our employer. The labor board finally ruled in April 1988 that the Chief Judge of Cook County was the employer of the probation officers, and that we were also subject to the pay scales and benefits already in place by Cook County. The AOIC and State of Illinois were not recognized as our employers.

Under the guidance of AFSCME Council 31 Organizers Peter Schmalz and Larry Spivack, the 1st contract negotiation team of AFSCME Local 3486, Cook County Adult Probation Officers were selected from within a committee working on contract ideas and language. The members of this initial bargaining committee were: Everett Harris, Jack Hecimovich, Tony Marici, Ken Miller, Dan O’Neal, Tom Romano and Lorraine Wallace.

Our first union contract was ratified in October 1990.

The first elected Union President of AFSCME Local 3486 was Jim Tillman in 1991.

Our current, and 2nd Union President is Jim Dunaway, who is the longest serving president of AFSCME Local 3486.

Our longest serving AFSCME Staff Representative was Nefertiti Smith, who became a Regional Director for Council 31, and is now retired.

Our  current AFSCME Staff Representative is Ken Anderson.