I just have to share this funny story about the anti-union animus that exists in this administration:

So, on May 12th I had a 4th level grievance hearing at 69 West Washington. After the hearing I asked Assistant Director of Human Resources Mike Rohan why the Local had not received the May monthly bid list. I explained that there has been an understanding with Director of Human Resources Noreen Larson that the Local would receive the monthly bid list by the 5th of each month. Assistant Director Rohan looked puzzled, and asked, “This is an agreement Noreen has with the union?” I replied, “Yes, and has been for a while now.”

Then on May 18th since the Local still had not received the May Bid List, I sent an email to Chief Probation Officer Lavone Haywood again requesting the May Bid List and informing him that this is now the second request as I had spoken to Assistant Director of Human Resources Mike Rohan about the issue last week. Chief Haywood called me regarding my email to him earlier that day. Chief Haywood made reference to the Local only receiving the bid list quarterly according to the contract (he was referring to Article XXIV Union Rights, Section 1. Information provided to the Union, which does not identify the bid list as a document that the Local receives quarterly.)

I asked Chief Haywood if he had a contract in front on him, and he replied, “Yes.” I asked him to turn to page 29 of the contract (Article VIII Filling of Vacancies, Section 1. Posting, B. Permanent Bid List). When he indicated that he was on the page, I asked him to read the last sentence of the third paragraph on that page. He began reading the third paragraph from the beginning, but I interrupted and said, “just the last sentence.” Chief Haywood read, “The Union shall receive a monthly copy of the bid list.” [insert brief silence] “Okay, okay. I’ll make sure you get the copy of the bid list,” Chief Haywood responded, and our call ended.

This sentence has been in our contract FOR YEARS, just as the language that refers to flex-time and returning the radios the next day, etc. But rather than having a professional conversation with the union, there’s the assumption that the union is getting something that they’re not entitled to get based upon bad information from another anti-union administrator. I tell you guys this because when the Local tells the members that there is an anti-union animus that pervades every part of the current administration, it’s the truth. Management has and will deny it, but actions speak louder than words!

As always, I am very grateful to YOU, Local Union Sisters and Brothers, for your support!

In Solidarity,

Jim Dunaway

Local Union President

AFSCME #3486